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My Imagination and NEW CD!


'Thea, Guy & Cecily's Mum here!

 Feedback from your new CD:
Thea: "I absolutely love it!"
 In fact, we all love it. It has been

on non-stop since singing on Thursday.

It has moved to  the  car/kitchen/kids' room

with us (we need to buy more copies!).

Thea has learnt all the words

(I wish my brain were still sponge-like!)

& is taking it to a play date tomorrow to play to

her buddy.

High praise!
Many thanks & many congratulations 

Nicola 12/12/2015







John Hamilton at EQ Studios for his incredible talent, ingenuity and endless patience and for understanding where the music was coming from and for recording these songs with such care.


All the children and grown ups who have been coming to my music sessions over so many years, colouring my life.


Ginny Bradley for inspiring me so much during our ‘Just Imagine’ groups and for making those stories really come to life.


Sophie Chan Cooke for the beautiful illustration, which she really didn’t have time for.


My lovely grandchildren, Ella, Leo, Amber Lily and baby Robyn for endlessly listening to these tracks in the making, and being such good guinea pigs.


All my friends and family for encouraging me to finally put this project together instead of just talking about it.

illustrated by Sophie Chan Cooke

Years ago Caroline was the music lady at

TreeHouse School and I was the action girl that had the pleasure to stand next to her. What fun days they were. Singing and dancing to her music. If you are looking for a value for money and quality present for one of those many children's birthday parties I highly recommend any one of these CDs. Loved by every child I know who has had the pleasure.

Kate Diana Khairdean


Caroline, I've been meaning to write to you for ages to commend them. Am in awe of many of the tunes/lyrics and arrangements. Will definitely be spreading the word! 

My Imagination and Me and

Day in the Jungle 

are total winners! 

Elizabeth Searles

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