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About Me

Also running Music Sessions in a few local Pre Schools

Binkys Hampstead

Church Row NW3

Woodentots Nursery

Herbert Street NW5

Woodentots Nursery

Rochester Road NW5

Polkadots Nursery (French Music)

Southampton Road


I have been running my own children's music sessions for over twenty years, (I can't believe thats true!), in Belsize Park, Hampstead, Highgate and Kentish Town and more recently West Hampstead. 


I am a children's musician and I like to think that my sessions are full of spontaneity, involving both children and adults and drawing from all the music I have loved across several genres and eras. 


I aim to make the music  fun, lively and unforgettable for everyone involved. I sing accompanied by my guitar and have a huge repertoire. My sessions are 45 minutes long and start with a sing along, then a moving around the room time, then a gentle time relaxing under the parachute, followed by a wild time with the toys, before finishing with a noisy jam with all the instruments. 


We explore rhythm and dynamics, through songs, old and new, some which tell a story and others that are just pure fun. Music is my passion and although my sessions are for young children I aim to make them equally enjoyable for the adults too. I am always learning new songs and I hope this keeps the vibe fresh and exciting but it has to be said that children do love to hear the same songs week after week so it's a bit of a balancing act! I always accomodate individual requests and consequently no two sessions are ever the same! 


I have worked in schools and nurseries, care homes and day centres, I have also worked with children and adults with disabilities and basically, I like to be able to try to make a difference through music.


In 2004 I teamed up with Neal Whitmore, a local musician and parent who brought his children to   Mini Beat sessions,  and we formed

'Green Means Go'

We have produced three children's CDs 

A Day in the Jungle

A Day at the Seaside


A Day on the Farm

These are available in many local shops and can be ordered and listened to online.


More recently I have teamed up with Ana Losekann a Brazilian musician and primary school teacher and we have formed


I love my job, and I have met some fantastic people over the years. When I am not doing my groups, I am often found entertaining at children's parties and working on new exciting projects and CDs, many of which are now available in many local shops. 

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